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Next Steps

Dissemination of Latest Discussion Draft

  • Post on website
  • Email to interested parties upon request
  • Conduct presentations to interested groups and organizations

Establish MO-WINGS Website www.mo-wings.org

  • To receive comments
  • To post responses
  • To post calendar of presentations

Conduct Presentations

  • Schedule and conduct presentations July through October 2015
  • Solicit feedback
  • Enlist support

Meet in November to finalize draft Submit to Legislative Process

  • Secure Senate and House Sponsors and Co-sponsors
  • Have sponsors pre-file legislation in December 2015 for consideration during 2016 legislative session
  • Work with sponsors and others through legislative process

Upon passage of legislation, move to training and education and policy and best practice development under revised law.

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under provisions of P.L. 106-402, the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act 2000

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